Lease Deed

A lease deed is a contract between a lessor and lessee, which states that the lessor would receive a payment in exchange of allowing the lessee to occupy and use the property.

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A lease deed is a contract between a lessor and lessee, which states that the lessor would receive a payment in exchange of allowing the lessee to occupy and use the property. In this agreement, the lessor is the landlord, and the lessee is the tenant of the property. It defines the terms and conditions that govern the relationship between a landlord and a tenant during the period of the lease. It is required when the property is leased for the period ranging from one to five years or even longer. The lease deed plays a crucial role to govern the relationship between the lessor and lessee and the provisions bound on both the parties.


The provisions that shall be included in the lease deed are as follows:

Description of Property: It must contain the description of the property like location, area, address, furniture and fittings, structure, etc.

Time Duration: It must mention the period until which the lease deed will be valid. It can also include the information relating to the renewal of the lease deed if both the parties wish to renew and continue their contract.

Maintenance, Security and Rent: This clause should clarify the rent, due dates, mode of payment, security deposit, interest on delay in payment, etc.  It should also include the details for paying any utility bills, society charges, maintenance charges, etc.

Termination: The deed must state the reasons for terminating the agreement by stating the reason for the same as a breach of the deed, failure to pay rent amount, use of the property for illegal acts, nuisance by the tenant, etc.

Subletting: The deed must state whether the tenant is permitted to sublet the property or not.

Resolution of Dispute: The lease deed must mention how the legal disputes arise due to the breach of the provisions mentioned in the lease deed. It may include any ADR processes like arbitration, mediation, etc.

Applicable Laws: The lease deed should mention one clause related to the applicable laws in case of dispute and under which court the jurisdiction will deal the matters.

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